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Are Allergy Drops Right for Me?

If allergies are keeping you from enjoying the things you love, it’s time to fight back. Allergy drops are an effective way to minimize allergy symptoms. They work in the same way as allergy shots, minus the needles. Plus, after the initial phase where we teach you how to do it and make sure you’re able to tolerate them, you can take the drops in the comfort of your home.

What Are Allergy Drops?

What Are Allergies?

Allergy drops, also called sublingual allergy drops or immunotherapy, help build up your body’s tolerance to allergens over time. Believe it or not, the area right under your tongue is the most sensitive to allergens. So by placing drops of liquid containing concentrations of what you are allergic to right under your tongue three times daily, your body gets used to it and no longer initiates an allergic response.

Allergy drops are not a one-size fits all treatment. Allergy drops are not only created specifically to treat your allergens, but they are also concentrated to combat your level of sensitivity. They are calibrated to your allergy test results and medical history for maximum efficacy.

What Kinds of Allergies Can Be Treated with Drops?

Allergy drops are effective for a wide variety of allergens. Bring your test results with you to your appointment and we will help you determine whether allergy drops are right for you.

Who Should Use Allergy Drops for Immunotherapy?

If you want to reduce your body’s reaction to allergens, but aren’t a fan of needles, drops might be right for you.

That said, not everyone is a good fit for allergy drops. Allergy immunotherapy is not for patients who have:

  • Severe asthma 
  • High-blood pressure and take beta-blockers
  • Heart problems

Allergy immunotherapy is also not a good fit for pregnant patients or patients under the age of five.

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