Telemedicine Setup and Help

We are glad to be able to offer telemedicine visits during the coronavirus pandemic, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we improve and expand our telemedicine capabilities. You will be pleased to know that our telemedicine portal is fully HIPAA compliant to meet all privacy concerns, and it is also fully integrated with our regular electronic health record to further facilitate your care. Please note these instructions are only for those who have already called our regular number and scheduled a telemedicine visit with Hoover ENT. Our regular number for scheduling is 205-733-9595, and we are answering the phone during all of our regular business hours as before.

Preparing for a telemedicine visit:

  1. First you will need a “Patient Portal” account with us. 
    1. We will provide you with your account username and your initial password over the phone when your telemedicine visit is scheduled.
    2. After you have received these credentials, if you wish to change or recover a lost password, please visit to do so.
  2. Your SMARTPHONE is typically your best computer to use for a telemedicine visit with HooverENT. If you do not have a smartphone (e.g. iPhone or Android phones), please skip to section 3 below for tips about using your home computer for a telemedicine visit. To use your SMARTPHONE for a telemedicine visit, please follow these steps:
    1. Please download and install the “Pocket Patient” app (made by Modernizing Medicine, Inc.) for your smart phone. You can do this from the app store for either Apple or Android devices.  If downloading an app is something you are unfamiliar with, please ask a family member to assist you if possible.
    2. Expect us to call you on your smartphone shortly before the time of your telemedicine visit to make sure you are ready and to gather some additional information about your medical history. Unfortunately, if we do not reach you by phone before your telemedicine visit, we cannot proceed with the actual visit- so please be expecting this call.
    3. After we have called you on the phone, you will receive a text message when the doctor has reviewed your chart and is ready to meet face to face. If you click on the link in this text message, it will take you to the Pocket Patient app that you previously installed to guide you through the process to start your visit. You will need to grant the app any permissions it asks for to notify you or to use the camera and microphone.
    4. Troubleshooting: If for some reason you are having trouble starting your visit using the link that is texted to you on your SMARTPHONE, you can also log in to Pocket Patient by using the same username and password that we gave you for our patient portal. If you log in this way, the system will ask you for our practice URL which is  Generally, it is easier just to wait for the text message that will be sent before the visit and to click on the link you receive. Please know that we are making every effort to simplify and improve the telemedicine experience as we move forward, and we apologize in advance for any difficulties.
  3. If you prefer to have your telemedicine visit on a HOME COMPUTER or LAPTOP:
    1. Your computer must have video and sound capabilities for a telemedicine visit. Most laptops have this capability, and some desktop computers do as well. Consider having a family member check for you if you are unsure, or consider using your smart phone instead (see above). 
    2. Several minutes before your scheduled visit, please log into the website: 
    3. You need to grant the website any permissions it asks for to notify you or to use the camera and microphone.
    4. Please stay logged in until your visit takes place. 
    5. We will call you on your regular phone number around the time of your visit to make sure you are ready and to gather some additional information about your medical issues.
    6. We have noticed that the telemedicine option does not work well on some older computers. If you have a smartphone, you may wish to try this option instead.