Genesis Distinctives

What sets the Genesis Nose and Sinus Clinic apart?

Recognizing that there are already lots of good doctors out there, our goal was not necessarily to replicate every feature of these clinics but rather to fill in the gaps that exist while combining the most important aspects of care. What do we think these are?

Education: Don't you sometimes wish your nose and sinuses came with an instruction manual? We believe some of the most important visits you will have with our clinic are the ones focused on educating you about how your nose is designed to work and how to properly use over-the-counter medications and other home remedies. You just can't scrimp on this step, because sometimes a good treatment can be exactly the wrong thing for a certain nose. And sometimes less is more. Helping you to understand the job your nose has to do along with the symptoms it uses to tell you what is wrong are all part of the Genesis Nasal and Sinus Care approach.

Targeted Work up: (Culture, allergy testing, safe imaging, 

Lifestyle Changes:

Procedural Intervention:


At Genesis, we are able to